Simplify Management

I am a multidisciplinary technical writer so you only need one person to create content, prepare technical illustrations, design documents and shoot near-professional quality photography.

Get Great Quality

Receive high quality technical communications that increase project successes. My technical writing won awards three years running in peer review competitions.

  • Quality system and manufacturing SOPs
  • Equipment user guides and training
  • Proposal writing and editing

Temporarily adding me to the team enables your engineers
to stay focused on engineering, compresses the project schedule,
and results in clear project communications that increase successes.


Save Money

Save money with speed.
I write much faster than industry standards due
to my 40,000 hours
of writing experience, implausibly diverse knowledge base, and mastery of MS Word.


Reduce Hidden Costs

Point me at a machine or process and tell me what you need: Quality system SOP? Training? Instructions for use? A data sheet? I am underway immediately with minimal use of staff time for knowledge transfer.


Engineering, R&D, and manufacturing managers ask me to help: (a) during peak periods to meet project milestones, (b) when they do not have resources to complete special projects, and (c) when they need a technical writing specialist to develop high quality technical communications. With 40,000 hours of technical writing experience and 20,000 hours of R&D and manufacturing experience, I work fast and make significant contributions to your project.