I bring qualifications and make contributions well above other technical writers.

• 40,000 hours of technical writing experience
• 20,000 hours of industry experience
• M.A. Degree in journalism
• Expertise in MS Word, photography, illustration, and document design

Hire me with confidence for the toughest, most important projects.
My customer and project lists show experience and knowledge that enable
me to work quickly and without draining staff resources. What do I know?

Industry Knowledge?Chemical processing, biopharmaceutical processing, medical devices, filtration, automated assembly, film coating, machine vision, fiber optics, fuel cell manufacturing, gas separation, and papermaking

Functional Knowledge?Mechanics, manufacturing, process engineering, product and process development, R&D, validation, and laboratory operation

Avocational Knowledge?Automotive technology, engines, car restoration, photography, music synthesizers, sound engineering, and live music performance

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Tom Gajda